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High Gas Prices Prompted More People To Switch To Two Wheels Instead Four To Get Around!

Gas prices are hitting record highs almost daily, causing financial pain at the pump for millions of Americans. There has been a rapid spike in demand for electric bikes and sky-high fuel prices are the latest driver of business to e-bike shops. Motorists have been left questioning the need for cars to get themselves around amid soaring gas prices and other transport options. Why are gas prices so high? Oil prices have been rallying for months as the global economy rebounded from a pandemic-induced slowdown.


Soaring gas prices have persuaded countless Americans to ditch cars altogether in favor of two-wheeled transport. How high will gas prices go? Search For Highest Gas Prices In The USA. 

Unleaded fuel has recently crept up.

Skyrocketing gas prices 

There’s less evidence about the impact of gas prices on biking. So will more people ditch their cars and turn to bikes? Meanwhile, the pandemic and recent international conflict are being blamed for soaring gas prices. As you undoubtedly know, gas prices in California have long been higher than elsewhere in the nation.

The insight comes amid fluctuating fuel costs since Covid-19’s arrival due to supply chain issues and people’s behavior changes. Prices initially bottomed out in the first wave when people could expect to pay more. So there’s never been a better time to embrace alternative modes of transport such as e-bikes and e-scooters.


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